Throughout the years, Luis and Andreia have worked with dozens of vets. Here’s what some of them have to say.

I am extremely grateful, that I found Andreia two years ago. Since then she has supported me tremendously as a coach and mentor. When I decided to move to the UK to work as a vet, she was there for me every step of the way. She helped me with the RCVS registration, job applications and prepping for job interviews. I was uncertain, what I would have to expect in the UK and as there are quite some differences between clinical practice in the UK and Germany, it just really helped to get insight from someone beforehand. Once I had landed a job, I signed up for three months of clinical coaching with her, which increased my confidence a lot and helped me to handle consultations much better. As this was my first clinical position, I was very nervous about making mistakes, so knowing that I had someone I could always ask for advice and discuss my cases with, made this transition much easier for me. Whenever I doubted myself, she always managed to calm me down and make me feel positive about my skills and knowledge. Andreia truly cares about helping other people and because she has experienced it herself, she understands how difficult it can be to adapt to a new culture and work environment. I can honestly say that because of her, I felt comfortable as a vet in clinical practice in a different country much quicker than I would have without her support. Working with Andreia has definitely been one of the best investments I made for my veterinary career as well as my mental health and personal growth. I believe, that every new graduate or vet transitioning to a different country should get a mentor starting out. In the past year I have been going through multiple crises in my personal life and even in that challenging time, she helped me stay strong and believe in myself. I can’t thank her enough for everything she has done for me. 

Lisa Sedlaczec


I wanted to work abroad mainly just so I could get clinical experience for my future goals, but I wasn’t sure how to go about it. Andreia gave me a heart warming welcome and explained exactly how things would roll! She made me feel supported, listened to my worries as a newly graduate vet, always spoke calmy and clearly and contributed a lot to making that scary feeling of starting to work as a professionaly in the UK, slowly vanish. 
When Andreia started, there was no one there to help her and I think that’s why she, better than anyone, understands our fears of this ‘great unknown’. I spent a full month with her and during this time we worked on my CV (which looks a thousand times better!!), my presentation letters (which i’d never be able to do well by myself), how and where to start looking for some job offers and how the registration with the royal college works. I also had 1v1 lectures with her, online, via zoom on topics such as: how to approach the veterinay appointment in the UK, how we should structure our physical exam and how we should redirect our ‘clinic thinking mind’ (consultation models) and propose it to our clients; we covered some material about veterinary prescriptions and veterinary drugs, commonly used empirical treatment antibiotics and alternatives to these, how to discard unused drugs in clinic pratice and we even discussed a couple imagiology cases, from an excellent exercise book that she created!!! Apart from veterinary related topics, Andreia is also extremely approachable so anyone working with her will surely feel at ease to discuss anything at all!
I’d like to also point out her ability to teach that I found very appealing! I’m still hoping she may consider one day also becoming a teacher!
Carolina Neves


Andreia covered all the mandatory treats a new to the profession vet would have to deal with in the uk and other questions more advanced that came afterwards.
I sincerely thank you Andreia and I hope more new to the UK and to the profession vets will be lucky to join your mentoring programme.

Mina Pantazoni


It’s great having a conversation with someone that has gone through the same things you are going through right now, specially once you’ve made the decision of moving to the UK. UK VetMove was the reason why I finally decided to make the move to improve my career. Andreia has been more than helpful through the whole process and I feel she knows how to give good advice because she’s been on your shoes!

Beatriz Torresano


Hi everyone, I would like to say what a unique experience it has been discussing with Luis as it has helped me a lot with my transition of getting used to being a vet in Uk.I am very grateful for the advice and experience that Luis has shared with me . It has helped me understand British client’s expectations and guided me as to how to deal with the hardest of them. It’s a privilege to be able to have such a person supporting you with your first steps in a foreign country . Luis’s advices helped me a lot not only with my profesional life but also with my Day to Day life. Once again I would like to thank him for everything and I strongly recomend him to any vet from abroad.

Mihail Tarbalescu


I really appreciate all the knowledge that Luis passed me regarding the UK working system, consultation skills and communication with the client, which was very helpful to adjust to this new reality. During our sessions he was always willing to answer my questions and my doubts regarding clinical issues. This hours of learning were brilliant due to his sympathy and joy. Thank you for everything Luis!

Vanessa Jorge


I met Luis at a conference he gave at my college in the last year of my vet degree, and thanks to it and his invaluable help (not all the paperwork is easy), I have managed to start working as a veterinarian in the UK. Maybe because he is also an overseas veterinarian, he knows better than anyone how to support a new graduate, because thanks to him I have learned how to communicate with clients and colleagues in an appropriate way, as well as understand how a veterinarian works in the UK.

Julián Sánchez Gómez

Ldo Vet, MRCVS

Luís has helped me understand conveyance of value, influence, leadership and most of the Do’s and Dont’s of practicing in the UK in a way that is more intuitive for the overseas graduates. He was a most appreciated help in my first months working in England and remains a trusted mentor in all subjects relating to the specific of the veterinary profession in the UK

João Pereira


Be ready to see your clients, colleagues and job from a completely different perspective! Luis brought me to a new level of practice: not only he taught me invaluable tips and advice about psicology and communication skills…but he also gave me clinical advice when needed!
I always ended up with a take-home-message and something to work on after each session. I put on practice many of these suggestions during the past few months and found incredible improvement in the compliance and appreciation from my clients!
I definitely recommend to get in touch with Luis, invaluable help for your first steps into UK clinical practice and beyond!

Cristina Muzzini


Having Luis as personal coach has been the best decision I´ve ever made! He has helped me not only to find a job but to turn around my career and direct it to the professional path I really wanted.
He has given me advice that I will use for all my life. With him I have learnt how to find a job and to choose the best one for me.
I would definitely recommend VetAborad, not only for new vets coming to work to the UK for the first time but for any foreign vet who wants to grow and improve in her/his career.
Thank you so so much Luis for being there and for your support!!

Carlota Boix


I contacted Luis when I decided to move to the UK in 2014. Although I had experience in Spain, I was scared of the unknown. I didn’t know the differences that I would find, how to look effectively for a good job, or the steps I should take. After the Vetabroad courses with Luis, I felt more confident, I knew what would be my role as a vet and what I should expect from clients, employer or RCVS. Vetabroad helped me with my first steps in the UK that are the most difficult ones and I cannot recommend it enough. Nowadays, I will start a surgical residency and hopefully become an ECVS specialist in the near future.

Pablo Pérez López

Ldo Vet, MRCVS, PGDip, PGCert, RCVS Advanced Practitioner in Small Animal Surgery

Luis is a great person, he helped me to understand the rules work in the UK and he helped me to get my first job where I am learning a lot of and enjoy it. Thanks so much Luís. I recommend Vetabroad because it helps you understand the difference in the UK, support me and help me find a good job. Is the best place.

Thanks very much Luís.

Ana Robredo


My experience with Luis has helped me to realise what I really wanted and guided me in the right direction. But more important, he made me aware of the potential I have and everything I can offer.
His advice are applicable on a daily basis and I am sure they will be for life.
I strongly recommend Vetabroad to any vet who is fighting to find a place in the UK.

Antonio Molina


The first time I met Luis was during one of his CPD in Spain, it was a lucky strike. There he told me he could help me in this new adventure and he kept his promise.
Step by step we prepared a competent CV, a cover letter and the interview. He let me know what the role of a UK vet was as well as helped me to find a very good job where I’m very happy.
Currently he continues looking after me helping me and solving my problems in the practice by giving me advice. I entirely recommend VetAbroad as I see that his main purpose is to help vets, make them competent and help them to be happy in UK.

Carlos Torrijos Conde


I was suggested to contact Luis by a veterinary company after kindly rejecting my application for a job, because I didn’t have previous UK experience. Less than a year after that, I have been constantly working in North West England and I have been offered multiple vet positions. Luis has contributed a lot to that as he explained to me how to promote myself when applying for a job, how to structure my CV and covering letter and what to ask for in a job interview. Furthermore, he prepared me about the veterinary profession in the UK (including how to approach both employers and clients) and how to gradually achieve my long-term goals with stepping stones.
I definitely recommend Luis and his tutoring to any vet moving from abroad to the UK as the transition can be very challenging.
Thanks for everything Luis, we will keep in touch.

Theodoros Pikoulas


I met Luis in a meeting organised by the RCVS about working in UK at that point I did not realise how important was for me this meeting. Even my 2 years of UK work experience that I had, were not enough to deal properly with the task of leaving a job to find another one without any bad consequences and Luis helped me to find the best way to deal with employer and he opened my mind about the way how English companies and employer think when they look for a vet.
He helped me to understand some veterinary rules that are far from what we can learn in the University because is something different from cure an ill animal or deal with customers something that just the experience of a person with such many years as Luis in UK could really teach. He helped me to inspect my CV and Cover Letter and he gave me few tips to use during an interview. But the most important thing was the help of how to deal with an employer that you are going to leave because the most important thing in a job that you are leaving are the references.
I wish I’d met VetAbroad and especially Luis as a person before! Everything would have been much simple. Thanks Luis.

Deborah Francione


Looking back these days I´ve realized how much things have changed for me.
I remember being working in South America a few months ago when I decided to go abroad and become a vet in the UK. How far it seemed at that time!
When I started to find out how to get involved with this challenge, a friend told me about Luis since then, we´ve have been working as a team to reach my goals together. He is a coach and a friend who cares about not only guiding you through this demanding way but supporting your self-esteem and confidence in all aspects.
Now, I just got my RCVS registration and an incredible work experience at the UK in such a short time; I´m ready to start being a professional vet in this wide country. I´m so excited!
Thanks for always being there with that big smile, Luis!

Luzmarina Casas


Hi Luis
It has a been a while since we last spoke. So, I just wanted to let you know that I never forgot you, your professionalism and your contribution. I owe you a lot, not because you helped me but because I met you.

You are great in every aspect and I learnt so many things near you. I could never imagine how much I would benefit from our meetings. I always bear in mind your advice for compassion, customer care, self-confidence (and also having the nurses on my side!). And of course a lot of hard work. Trying every day to get better and better. I have been here for 6 months and we are currently evaluating my progress and the new contract. I have learnt so many new, interesting, impressive things that I couldn’t even think about. Next month I am finishing my abdominal ultrasound CPD at the RVC and next week am starting my Cardiology Certificate! Really pleased!!! Please, drop me a line and let me know about you. And if I could help you by any chance, do not hesitate to contact me! It will be my pleasure. Thank you ever so much!!!

Nikolaos L. Pallas


Getting a job in UK is not an easy task especially as you need to fulfil many requirements. I am very lucky that during my job’s search I met Luis. He helped me to get my first job and then after one year to change it for more challenging one! It was invaluable contribution to my career path! I am very grateful for all support and professional advices which I received from him. Before I met Luis I had to figure everything out on my own which took much more time and caused difficulties. I regret I did not have this support from the beginning of trying to register as a vet in UK. I genuinely recommend all services which VetAbroad offers as it is the best way to get a good job in UK and understand how they work here (as there is a lot of differences)! One more time – THANK YOU EVER SO MUCH!!!

Maja Misewicz


When you move to another country there are a lot of new ways of doing things and many other tricks to know in order to succeed, and having Luis who is a great person by my side every time I needed advice and being followed step by step by him gave me a huge advantage in understanding what I have to do in order to integrate and find the job I wanted in the UK.
I am so happy that with the knowledge I gained from the Vetabroad course, and with the personal advice I found my first job very quickly.
I strongly recommend this course for anyone who feels like moving to the UK and finding a job.
A big thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Diana Eugenia Román


What a wonderful help for foreign vets that want to work in the UK!! I came to England a few months ago to improve my vet skills and at the beginning I was a little bit lost… I didn´t have any idea about how to register with the RCVS, how to contact vets and practices, what they would expect from me….. and millions of other doubts!!!!
VetAbroad helped me so much!!!! Luis was the cornerstone to my success!!! Now I´m doing an internship with European specialists and I´m learning a lot every day. It´s been (and continues to be) one of the most exciting experience of my life!!!
I strongly recommend this to all the vets interested in exploring other countries and learn about our profession at the same time.
Thank you so much!!!

Lola Alferez Reyes


I met Luis when I came to UK and was looking for a job opportunity. I was lucky in finding his website and asked for his knowledge and support. From the very beginning I felt that I was having Luis full support. Anytime that I was looking for an information he was always available with all the information that I needed to find a better way on my job research. Being a foreigner, this is not an easy ‘task’ in UK because most Veterinary Clinics and Hospitals require UK experienced Vets and therefore a few doors may be closed and I can ensure you that Luis has ‘a special key’ for them. From the moment that I’ve saw Vetabroad advertisement till I got a reply back was a question of minutes (less than 10). I can ensure you that Luis is ‘always there’ to help you and to clarify all doubts that you may have and I want to reinforce that I am pleased to have him helping me everyday.

Sofia Messias


It was such a great idea to enrol on this course and to get in contact with the “vetsabroad” team. Thanks to everything they did for me I was able to find a job I love. They helped me with any little doubt and they were always ready to ask any questions I could have had. So helpful! I was very lucky to find a nice job thanks to their help. Luis keeps in regular contact with me and is always asking how I am doing and how my job is going. So I am very greatfull with them.
Thanks a lot

Diana Antón García


I dreamt about going abroad to continue developing my skills but it is not as simple as I thought.
When you arrive to England there is a lot A LOT of paper work to do and at the same time it is so difficult finding a place to belong and with all of this things VETABROAD helped me sooooooooo much.Now I have a wonderful job in South Wales where I am learning a lot and becoming a proper vet.It is because of your help VETABROAD and the perfect work that Luis is carrying out.
Thank you so much!

Rocio Chicón Rueda


Coming from abroad to work as a vet in the UK is much more complicated than it seems. Just understanding why the RCVS staff seem to work against you rather than supporting you is very tough, let alone getting used to referrals, writing never-ending notes about any slight condition, realising that euthanasia is but another service, being responsible of unheard of protocols, fulfilling CPD, needing a vet insurance…
I dare say that starting a veterinary career in the UK without doing a course like this is like trimming a garden with a pair of scissors. The time you will save is priceless and the risk of being fired from the RCVS is greatly reduced.
To all employers who wish to keep their foreign vets within their team – I do strongly recommend investing in this course. Even before applying for any other CPD, the budget that you invest in this course will make up for the expenses of losing your employee. You are more aware than us of how tough is to work as a vet in the UK. After all, our knowledge of veterinary medicine is roughly the same. What makes the difference is correctly dealing with clients, pets, and laws.

Silvia Maldonado


I was looking to work in the UK when I met Luis and heard about the VetAbroad e-learning course. Luis helped me write the cover letter that got me my current job and I understood straight away how the course could help me in this new role, so I signed up. I am currently doing module one, which explores language and I am already seeing the benefits at work. For example, when clients refer to ‘jabs’, I now know that they mean injections, whereas before I did not.
I am finding the course material really interesting and think that the construction of the course is really good. Luis is just fantastic too – I have asked him so many questions and he always has a helpful and supportive answer. Thanks so much!
I am currently working as a small animal locum vet and believe that what I am learning with VetAbroad is so important in helping me achieve my goal of improving my skills.
I would urge any vet wanting to come to the UK or already working here to do the VetAbroad course and think all employers of vets should look for it when considering someone for a job.

Joana Rita Almeida


“Working in the UK” is a goal that many recent graduates have in mind. However it is harder than you think! Besides the paperwork to register with RCVS It is difficult to adapt to uk system as it is different from the one you are used to!,. So I encourage everyone who wants to develop their career in the UK take the VetAbroad course because it gives you the keys to success! Luis helped me with every step and now I am working at a small animal practice learning and feeling part of a team!!
Thanks to Luis for his constant support and for all his helpful advice!

Inés Galajate


Once you are a new graduate vet all you think about is having success , self satisfaction and specially a bright future with many opportunities to grow personal and professionally.
For many reasons the Uk comes to be one of the best options in Europe.
Moving abroad is not something easy, we do not how many troubles we might find in the way . In mi case I was completely lost, and I didn´t even know where to start.
I was thinking to myself, how I wish that there was a company to help non british vets to get into the Uk Vets Market……until I discovered Vetabroad!!
All the knowledge that you get from this course is just fabulous, and in my opinion it definitively makes a huge difference from someone who has not attended this course.
The feeling of coming to the uk knowing that you have someone supporting you , answering all your questions and giving you all the best advices is just priceless. Is the fact of having someone who guides you step by step.
Luis is one of the nicest persons I ´ve met in life, rather than my personal Coach , I currently consider him as a friend, I have no words to express all the gratitude I have towards Luis, and I can ensure you is not easy to find someone who makes you see qualities in yourself that you didn´t even realized you had.
All I can regret is not having met Vetabroad before, I strongly recommend Vetabroad courses and unquestionably there is no one better than Luis to guide you in the adventure of becoming an uk registered vet. and for all his helpful advice!

Alexandre Costas


Luis was a great help not only in the period before coming to the UK but also after starting work in my current workplace. With his long experience in small animal clinic together with a deep knowledge of the UK vet system he was able to prepare myself in the proper way for the (not always easy) transition between different countries. I cannot help to mention his constant availability, honesty and sense of humor as other important characteristics that make his services very valuable.

Fernando Lebre


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