Our Relocation Package

Are you a vet interested in working abroad? Help is on the way to make your dreams come true.

A complete approach

We’ve done it and we know how challenging it is. That’s why we work hard to make it easier for you. We don’t find jobs for vets. We help vets move their career forward abroad.

Our strengths are unique:

  • We are vets – we understand you
  • We know how job applications work
  • We know how the profession works in other countries
  • We know what the immigration requirements are
  • We know the struggles don’t come from the job only, but from a new lifestyle in a different culture

What we do

We offer you expert advice on job applications and we make sure you’re prepared for what you’re going to find when you move to a new country.

The Only Programme You Will Need

Our complete relocation package allows you to prosper in several ways.

CV Review

We will optimise your CV and we will do this WITH YOU in a live session to make sure you know what to do when you want to change it in the future.

Cover Letter for Rapport

The cover letter is an extremely important part of a job application. We will create a tailored cover letter for you WITH you so you know how to change it in the future.

Job Referrals

Nothing beats a cover letter like a private referral. That’s why we will help you find your job by referring you to our network of clinics searching for vets.

Interview Preparation

Your CV and cover letter exist to get you to the interview stage. This is where you get the jobs, so it’s important that you’re prepared for interviews. We offer a live interview preparation session and written notes to help you in the future.

Offer Assessment

Our goal is to allow you to find the job you want and we try to have our vets receive more than one offer, so they can afford to choose. But it can be difficult to do so, which is why we’ll be there to help you assess your offers and choose.

Preparing For The Country

Failure on the relocation comes from culture shock. We know this and that’s why we also run an individual session highlighting the biggest differences between your background culture and the new one you’ll be living among.

What does it look like?

The complete relocation package includes:

  • One individual session to create and teach you how to update your CV (includes CV templates)
  • One individual session to create and teach you how to change your  cover letter
  • One individual session to prepare you for job interviews (includes mock interview(
  • One individual tailored session to explain the main culture differences you will encounter in the country you’re going to move to and compare it with your own culture background

These sessions are arranged at your own convenience and we provide ongoing WhatsApp support.

Our Options and Prices

Everyone is different and we work with individuals. That’s why we offer three modalities in our package:

  • CV Review Session – 65€
  • Cover Letter Creation Session – 65€
  • Complete Package – 200€ (payable in 3 instalments)

We also know many people are not from the EU, so we accept other currencies.

Sessions are currently run by Dr. Andreia Dias MRCVS DVM MSc ISFMAdvCertFB (on the right).

How to join one of our programmes

We only work with vets we know we can help. That’s why we will usually interview you before agreeing to work with you. Here’s how to join one of our programmes:

  1. Download the registration form
  2. Choose your desired package and payment option
  3. Send the form by email to info@vetabroad.com
  4. Wait for our contact. If we have not spoken to you before, we will ask for some more information to make sure we can deliver you what you’re looking for. If we have already spoken to you and agreed to register you in the programme, we will send you a message to arrange the first session.


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