Why choose Practice Aid?

Practice Aid was created in 2014 as a natural evolution from VetAbroad® - a service that prepares overseas vets for UK employment.
Employees from outside the UK face huge changes to their lives. Learning how veterinary practice works in the UK, working effectively with a team and communicating well with clients, all present potential challenges.
Worries over the potential of an extended learning curve before becoming productive can be a barrier to recruitment, despite appreciating the clinical experience these candidates can offer. Practice Aid aims to remove those worries by providing tuition in critical areas such as the professional code of conduct and understanding what employers want from their employees in the UK. A programme of ongoing mentoring and support ensures there is always someone your new employee can ask for advice.

  • Shorten the learning curve for better day one competencies

  • Allow experienced overseas vets to reach full potential in the shortest possible time

  • Support and guide new employees to improve confidence and capability

  • Select and retain good employees

  • Improve communication and mutual understanding between non-UK employee and employer

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To all vets taking the extraordinary leap to become an MRCVS the most important aspect in your new UK practice is support ! Luis knows absolutely exactly what level of support you need and, in taking the time and trouble to know both you and your practice extremely well, Luis not only steers you to the job he feels is the very best for you; he then, by means of regular contact, with both you and your new employer, monitors and coaches your performance and progress.
He is a most trusted and valued confident for both employee and employer. I have never known Luis not to be available -how he offers this 24/7 service I just don’t know- but he is always there!
It is this extraordinary (and sadly very rare) caring approach which has been of immeasurable help to many of the vets we have been privileged to employee through Luis.

Some of our non UK vets have not been employed though Luis, but Luis has, through his mentoring service, been instrumental in their care and development at easipetcare.
All our treasured none UK vets are not only vital to my business, but through Luis, they have become bonded members of the easipetcare team. Thank you so very much Luis for looking after both them and us. You offer a quite exceptional service!


On day one arriving at our practice what impressed me most was their determination to achieve and realise their goals. All three have a passion to succeed and be the best they can be.
It is quite common to find people who believe in overnight care or long hours as long as someone else is doing it, these three wanted to do this themselves to gain experience and provide added value to our practice.
In these difficult and changing times it is essential to have adaptable, flexible and dedicated people on board who will share your vision of the practice you are developing, this is the biggest challenge I face on a daily basis. I believe the three vets from Vet Abroad will aid me in my plans to develop our practice.
Within a matter of days of being with us as volunteers my team had decided we wanted to find a way to keep them with us and we offered them all full time positions.

About VetAbroad® & PracticeAid

VetAbroad® was founded in 2010 with the aim to facilitate cultural integration in the veterinary profession.

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