Friday, 09 November 2018 15:39

How to find Accommodation in the UK

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You have now started your plans to move to the UK and find employment as a vet.
You will need to find suitable accommodation but need some guidance on how to do so? Once you have a confirmation of where you will be based.

Friday, 09 November 2018 15:34

Ways to save money when you move to the UK

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You are planning your move to the UK to either take up a job in a practice or start your job search. Budgeting for your move and getting settled can take a lot of preparation. As a foreign veterinarian moving to the UK you may have a lot of questions such as:

• How can I save money when moving to the UK?
• What deductions can I expect off my salary?
• How to go about opening a UK bank account?
• What are the average living expenses in the UK?
• How can I save on travel costs from the UK?

This series of articles will cover the above questions with tips and ideas on the above.

Friday, 09 November 2018 15:30

Common causes of toxicity in Dogs

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As any veterinarian or dog owner will come to know dog’s have huge appetites and curious habit of consuming items or food stuffs they should not. This can lead to dog’s ingesting toxic and poisons and when brought into the veterinarian practice you need to be able to identify the cause and treat appropriately effectively. In the UK, veterinary practices can subscribe to the VPIS ( Veterinary Poisons Information Service) for information on the management of actual and suspected poisoning in animals. This article will identify some common poisons that a dog may present with in clinical practice in the UK.

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