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The UK has a lot to offer non-UK vets and nurses, and UK practices need experienced clinicians. Around 900 overseas vets register every year with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons – that’s more than register from within the UK. However, the everyday realities of practice life can be very different from practice in in other countries. As a result, almost a third of non-UK vets have returned to their own countries within 24 months of registering with the RCVS, many of them without even having found a first job.

VetAbroad® was established in 2010 to help vets qualified outside the UK make a successful career in the most progressive and lucrative veterinary market in Europe. The company’s Managing Director Dr Luis Sainz-Pardo has twenty three years experience as an employee, employer and practice owner in the UK and has worked extensively with vets, hospitals and universities across Europe. He now uses his in-depth knowledge of the employment market and cultural differences to help non-UK vets and nurses acquire the key skills and information that they need in order to enjoy a rewarding professional career in the UK.

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In the last 16 years 51.4% of the new vets registering with the RCVS have been overseas graduates. There are MRCVSs from a total of 73 different countries now in the UK, according to the RCVS.

This means that practices have the great opportunity to employ veterinary surgeons with a great variety of skills and knowledge but they are also faced with the need to help individuals from the most diverse cultural backgrounds to blend in and understand what British employers and society requires of them.

The number of non-UK veterinary nurses is also growing rapidly and presenting exactly the same challenges and opportunities for UK employers.

The selection, induction and mentoring of non-UK staff may appear to be a daunting task but if done well will result in a hard-working, valuable and committed employee.

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VetAbroad® was founded in 2010 with the aim to facilitate cultural integration in the veterinary profession.

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