Finding your next veterinarian employee

A unique partnernship revolutionising “recruitment”

Are you tired of looking for qualified professionals only to find that they either don’t have the skills you’re looking for or they aren’t a good personality fit for your team? Only able to find overseas vets who seem to lack culturally-appropriate soft skills? Are you stuck having to resort to recruitment agencies charging enormous fees for a vet who leaves 3 months after? Wouldn’t it be great if you had a way of meeting a series of candidates that you knew already were more likely to get along with your team and whose exact skills you knew about?

Introducing VetLEAP

This recruitment solution is run by our sister brand PracticeAid (with the added support of UK VetMove for British employers). We are a unique solution – we want you to choose your candidate and know what skills they have. Oh and by the way, WE are the ones that TEACH them those skills!

Standardised Skills

We provide country-specific practical training for three months, developing General Practitioners with consultation and surgical skills adapted to the country they will be working on. You know exactly what they can do.


Your Choice, Our Training

We want to know who you need to find and we match candidates who are most likely to be a personality fit and cultural fit to your practice. You get to choose which one you like. If they don’t have the skills you need, we sort that out in our training centres in Spain.

Ongoing Cultural Adaptation

We know that if you work with an overseas vet, they will need to adapt. They will go through culture shock. It’s one thing to know how things work, it’s another to be able to cope with it in real life. This is why our work is about supporting your new employee as much as it is finding them for you.

What we do

We provide culturally-adapted professional training for vets in our training centres in Spain. These vets learn technical, professional and communication skills adapted to the country they want to relocate to. Doing a cat spay in France and in the UK is not the same and we know that! We use our worldwide experience combined with training expertise to train vets to a specific general practice standard, but we also train professionals “on demand”. How?

First, we want to hear from YOU. What vet do you need? What skills do they need to have?

Then, we find qualified vets who are likely to succed with your team and your work culture (yes! We know that most vets leave their jobs because they don’t get along with the staff or the boss!).

Then, if that vet doesn’t quite have all the skills you need, we traing them before they start working for you. Our training lasts for up to 3 months, the typical wait time for a visa application to be processed.

Ah but it doesn’t end there! You have a vet, trained, skilled, adapted, so you’d think we’re done and dusted, no? Nope! This is where we shine, this is where we REALLY make a difference… Because we will still be working with you and this vet for another six months. Starting a new job is stressful enough, that’s even worse if you have a newcomer to the country! Our support is unique. We have been doing this with vets for more than 10 years now! We know how to help them, and in doing so, we’re helping you! 

You are not throwing money at a third party. You are investing in the training and development of your new colleague, in reducing your staff turnover and in increasing your practice profitability!

Want to learn more about this programme? Let us know when you’re free for a confidential and obligation-free conversation.