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Practice Aid is not a recruitment agency but is happy to help you with the selection process or match suitable candidates to the practice profile. We can often identify suitable  professionals who have been privately mentored that you may wish to interview. 


Practice Aid runs induction programmes to prepare non-UK veterinary professionals, ideally before they commence employment but will also accept new employees and support them in their new roles

The employer can choose from our standard topics or new bespoke topics can be developed to cover specific needs:

    • Understanding cultural differences and integrating into British culture
    • Learning to interpret and safely apply the Code of Professional Conduct
    • Complying with UK legislation in a practical way
    • Learning to work as part of a team and creating a good work environment
    • Boosting consultation skills and productivity to become a golden employee

Without doubt, mentoring is one of our most popular products. Videoconferences are held with the new employee on a regular basis at mutually convenient times – including outside normal working hours where downtime needs to be minimised.
We ask that a short briefing is previously provided by the practice manager. At regular meetings the mentor will address in a personal, friendly and professional manner any issues the employee or the practice has encountered.
This service helps ensure the new employee is swiftly integrated into the team and feels supported. By smoothing the settling process, your new team member can start producing to their maximum ability in the shortest possible time.
This service has also proven to be a very cost-effective way to improve staff retention.

Miscellaneous Other Practice Services
From specific trouble-shooting, to on-site talks that increase motivation, productivity or team building, Practice Aid can provide your practice with bespoke services aimed at solving any staff problems or simply to improve what you are already doing.

Don´t hesitate to get in touch to talk through any queries or ideas you may have. Our approach is friendly and flexible and we have the skills to develop cost-effective courses, programmes and support to best fit your practice needs.

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About VetAbroad® & PracticeAid

VetAbroad® was founded in 2010 with the aim to facilitate cultural integration in the veterinary profession.

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