Worldwide career opportunities for veterinarians.

International Veterinary Careers

Looking for better career opportunities abroad? Do you want to develop your career, relocate to a country you love to work as a professional or simply meet other cultures while using your professional skills? VetAbroad® helps you connect with places looking for someone like you and supports you through the relocation process.

Better Working Conditions

You may be able to find better working conditions for the professional area of your preference abroad.

Opportunity for Professional Growth

Working abroad is often a great way of evolving in your knowledge and skills.

Improved Work-Life Balance

In many situations, you may be searching abroad to find a balance you’re currently missing in your own life.

How to Transition Your Veterinary Career

In order to move abroad, you want to go through the following steps:


The Four Principles you need to follow if you want to work as a veterinarian in any country.

Our Process

Working with VetAbroad®


Our consultancy service offers support for every step of the process. We want to make sure you’re making the right choice for your career and life. Because of this, we require an application from you in order to guide you in the right direction. If you want to know more about working in another country, send over your application for free and without any obligations and we will get in touch with you to offer you guidance.

Want to work as a veterinarian in another country?

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Working Abroad

Work in the United Kingdom

High clinical standards, common language and the opportunity to gain more knowledge.

Work in Spain

Lovely weather, lovely beaches, friendly people. A country with lower costs of living where you can enjoy life.

Work in Portugal

Sitting in the corner of Europe facing the beautiful sea giving you amazing food, people and quality of life.

Work in Ireland

 Quality veterinary care for animals, small and big, within the European Union speaking a common language.

Work in Scandinavia

Sweden, Norway, Finland – all with great quality of life for veterinary professionals and high standards of care.

Work in Canada

A hard-to-achieve dream, but that is possible when you have the right support to get where you want.


"What a wonderful help for foreign vets that want to work in the UK!! I came to England a few months ago to improve my vet skills and at the beginning I was a little bit lost... I didn´t have any idea about how to register with the RCVS, how to contact vets and practices, what they would expect from me..... and millions of other doubts!!!! VetAbroad helped me so much!!!! I strongly recommend this to all the vets interested in exploring other countries and learn about our profession at the same time. Thank you so much!!!"

– Lola Alferez Reyes

Not sure what you need to work abroad?

About VetAbroad

Founded in 2010 by Dr. Luis Sainz-Pardo, VetAbroad® initially specialised in helping vets qualified outside the UK in making a successful career in the most progressive and lucrative veterinary market in Europe. Dr. Luis used his 23 years of knowledge and experience in the UK as an employer and employee to support vets in their relocation and adaptation.


New chapter

In 2020, Dr. Luis stepped out and Dr. Andreia Dias stepped in. Dr. Andreia had also gone through the process of relocating abroad, starting a successful career in another country and adjusting to different ways of working while developing her own personal and professional growth. She has a strong belief in how the growth of each veterinary professional positively impacts the entire world and realised that there are many other colleagues looking to develop in countries other than the UK. From that to expanding the network of opportunities worldwide was a small step, always underpinned by doing the best possible work in service of the veterinary professional.


At VetAbroad®, we’re always trying to increase our network and opportunities worldwide. We specialise in supporting vets looking for clinical roles, particularly in Europe, but want to keep offering more opportunities for the veterinary professional.

Do You Have Questions?

Whether you are a vet or an employer looking for a vet, we would love to see if we can help you. Use the contact form below to get in touch with your message or questions.